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Rolling Pay! Fintech App

Get access to your hard-earned wages in advance, even before payday. From urgent bills to emergencies, pay for what you need. Goodbye, paycheck to paycheck When a crisis hits or debt creeps in, Malaysians are forced to dip into their emergency funds. The problem? 75% of Malaysians can’t even cover an RM1,000 emergency expense. Don’t take on more debt or sacrifice basic needs to stretch out your paycheck. With RollingPay, you can access up to 50% of your salary in advance.

Features Of Rolling Pay Application

Login screen

Users can log in and check their earned money.

Simple UI

Easy to use and navigate through screens.


Multiple payment options are integrated in the app.


Through extensive research, strategy, designing, and prototyping, we improved the current money transfer management system. We built an app to simplify the money transfer experience for everyone. The step-by-step user flows and familiarity with the design helped users feel safe and secure while their transactions were made. Users can choose the amount and purpose of the transfer and place withdrawal requests.

We are proud to be a part of their journey. Building solutions for fintech presents a unique set of challenges. We developed and maintained robust internal processes to ensure we could comply with Rolling Pay standards.

Our Work

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