A One Stop Solution for Project Monitoring and Inspection

PWD Delhi (Government) E- Monitoring

The Government of Delhi, officially the Government of the National Capital Territory of Delhi (GNCTD) is the governing body of the Union Territory of Delhi, whose urban area is the seat of the Government of India. It also governs the city or local governments in the area as per the 75th Constitutional Amendment Act.

Delhi E-Monitoring is used by the officers of PWD to report and resolve complaints. The aim is to improve experiences for both the users and the organization. Delhi E-Monitoring assists them in managing complaints and tasks.

Features of Delhi Government E- Monitoring App

Complaints Management

Eliminate repetitive and time-consuming tasks and fast complaint resolution

Simple UI

Easy to navigate and save time

Project Inspection

Delhi E-Monitoring assists them in managing projects and inspection


Our aim was to build software that allows users to get more work done in less time. They have always faced many difficulties managing complaints efficiently.

To prepare Delhi E-Monitoring for the market, we made sure that the end product is a perfect balance between providing a simplified solution to teams and improve their organizational experience. Delhi E-Monitoring is specialized in features that eliminate repetitive and time-consuming tasks.

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