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Building chartbusters iOS apps that rule the App Store is the focus of expert iOS app developers team at Sitesurface, a top-rated iPhone app development company in the world. Since our beginning, we have delivered 70+ top-rated and chartbuster iOS mobile applications, actively increasing the revenue of our associated clients, and recorded millions of downloads on App Stores. Our developed solution helps startups and enterprises take advantage of the potential of iOS apps while resolving real-world problems.

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Sitesurface develops your iOS mobile application idea with a decade of experience in iOS app development. Your application will be nurtured as if it were one of our own, from the moment your idea first takes shape through the creation of the finished result. And eventually, we'll assist you in reaching your business objectives by providing the ideal software for your company!

Our Mobile App Development Services

Custom App Development

With Swift and cutting-edge technologies, we develop custom iOS applications to meet your business needs.

iOS App UX/UI Design

Our user-friendly, interactive, and aesthetically appealing iOS app designs benefit consumers and function properly on all platforms.

iOS App Testing

Our team certifies your iOS application by testing it with actual users on actual devices while adhering to top quality assurance techniques.

App Maintenance and Support

We take over all maintenance tasks, such as performance improvement, feature updates, and bug fixes.

Let Sitesurface be your partner in success - build scalable and secure applications

Our App Development Process


Our collaboration starts with a deep dive into your business idea, app requirements, and expected results. Our team engages with your project and evaluates it through the prism of market trends, competitors, and target audience. We also outline all aspects of your project and tie them to expected milestones, costs, deadlines, and deliverables.


To get a better grasp of your product vision, we run product workshops as a vital point of the process. This stage helps us tap deeper into the minds of the end users and arrive at the most meaningful app features and interfaces. At the end of this stage, we'll present you with initial app design drafts, wireframes, and accurate project requirements — all mapped in the project documentation.

Design And Development

Next, we polish your application designs and jump straight into development. Our iOS developers pick the optimal set of technologies to make your solution high-performing, secure, and dynamic. Final deliverables are rigorously checked by our testing engineers. The timeline of this stage depends on your project’s complexity and scope.

App Release

When your product is up and running, we deploy it into the environment and prepare the application for release. Our team also assists you in submitting the application to App Store in line with Apple’s submission guidelines. When your application is live, we also provide ongoing support.

Product Growth

To ensure the long-term success of your application, we offer post-production support and app maintenance. Our support team keeps an eye on your product and continually enhances it with new features, security patches, and other boosters to accelerate your business growth.

Diverse Industries

Sitesurface provides you with a dedicated iPhone app consultancy team to solve problems. We evaluate the needs of your app development project and redefine necessary issues using new approach to solutions. Working with us entails both recommendations and suggestions because we are committed to giving our clients the best possible service. We always provide you with the most cutting-edge and creative solution needed at any stage of the project. Since not every business owner is knowledgeable in the field of mobile app development, we give you comprehensive information about the project, from the fundamentals to the more advanced aspects, to help you make better choices when working with us. We view consulting as encompassing more than just recommendations. For our clients, it is the best type of nurturing. In order to avoid unnecessary build decisions, our reliable iOS app development and consultancy team is always ready to include and prepare the best for your iOS app development projects.

We have almost touched every segment of the industry, be it HealthCare, Social Media, Event Management, Dating, E-commerce, Food, and Banking & Finance. Right being excellent in iOS’s tech-stack, diversified screen sizes of Apple devices, we provide flawless iOS Apps that are highly user engaged and generate significant ROI.



Social Networking

Banking & Finance



Food & Restaurant

Events & Tickets


Custom App

Frequently Asked Questions

By outsourcing your app project, you can reap the following benefits:

-> Affordable development and operational costs

-> Access to a larger talent pool

-> Faster time-to-market

-> No administrative and hiring costs or burdens

-> Focus on core business processes

-> Increased flexibility and team scaling

The pricing varies by project, depending on your application complexity. The number of features, UX/UI elements, backend infrastructure, and other cost drivers influence the total price.

You can find an exhaustive list of factors in our guide.

For accurate project estimation, please contact our consultants and describe your project idea.

There is an assurance to get a winning app solution after choosing Sitesurface for your iPhone App development

  1. Talented and experienced iOS App developers
  2.  International standard
  3.  Agile development process
  4.  Transparency and communication
  5.  We deliver on time on budget
  6.  Robust support system
  7.  Out of the Box Design

At Sitesurface, we want you to be sure that your confidential data is protected. That is why our collaboration always starts with a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) that guards your intellectual rights. An NDA helps us establish a more open and transparent relationship that ultimately drives better project outcomes.

The app launch is an indispensable part of our end-to-end development process. Therefore, we will help you prepare for a successful launch and assist in submitting your application according to App Store guidelines. When your application gets through the review process, our team will guide you in optimizing your Apple App Store rankings.

Both platforms have their own benefits, its your personal preference.

On top of our iOS development services, we also take over post-release and maintenance activities for applications delivered by our team. We also offer extended maintenance periods to provide long-term support for a released product.