Find Langar Places and Share Free Meal - Food Sharing App

Eat it! Food Sharing App

EAT IT’s mission is to raise awareness against food waste. Users can share their surplus food with other users. With this mobile app, a user can place his or her post of surplus food and other users can see those posts and order the food.

The food is available for reservation on the App, and the user can reserve the food by placing an order via the Eat it app. The food gets reserved once the user applies for the order and then he can take food after verifying OTP. The user has to be present at the pickup place (Home/Restaurant) at the time of pickup, and collect the food. Users can also chat within the app to make this process easier.

Features of Eat It - Food Sharing App

Share Food

With EAT IT mobile app, users can share food with a few clicks

Search Langer Places

Users can find langar by their location on mobile app

Payment Options

Eat it Pay


We analysed the product, and curated a simple and seamless UI design for the users for a better understanding of the platform. When it comes to new users who are unaware of the services, they depend on the visual attributes that reflect the brand’s values, approach, and consistency.
The onboarding screens have been created based on extensive research on user’s behaviour to grow their in-app experiences.

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