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Sitesurface is an award-winning cross-platform app development company that has produced 90+ feature-rich and highly profitable cross-platform apps. We release cross-platform apps that are incredibly responsive and perfectionistically designed to enhance user experience and raise brand awareness. The mobile app developers at Sitesurface are experts at creating innovative, high-performing, and resilient hybrid app solutions that drive significant traffic and ROI for every organisation.

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Technologies And Services

Aiding Multiple-Platform Occurrence for Diverse Business Application.

As a well-known cross-platform app development firm, we consistently provide the Best Hybrid app solutions that adhere to the highest quality requirements. We are experienced hybrid app development company that always keeps up with the most recent innovations in the tech industry. A seasoned hybrid app development business, Sitesurface always keeps up with the most recent innovations in the tech industry. Every new method used in the process of app development is tested in our workshops with the R&D team.  Our hybrid app developers can swiftly determine which hybrid technology will best meet your company needs from a selection of React Native, Xamarin, Cordova, Flutter, and PhoneGap.

Our Mobile App Development Services

Custom App Development

With Flutter and cutting-edge technologies, we develop custom applications to run on both Android and iOS platforms.

App UX/UI Design

Our user-friendly, interactive, and aesthetically appealing app designs benefit consumers and function properly on all platforms.

App Testing

Our team certifies your Hybrid application by testing it with actual users on actual devices while adhering to top quality assurance techniques.

App Maintenance and Support

We take over all maintenance tasks, such as performance improvement, feature updates, and bug fixes.

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Our App Development Process


Our collaboration starts with a deep dive into your business idea, app requirements, and expected results. Our team engages with your project and evaluates it through the prism of market trends, competitors, and target audience. We also outline all aspects of your project and tie them to expected milestones, costs, deadlines, and deliverables.


To get a better grasp of your product vision, we run product workshops as a vital point of the process. This stage helps us tap deeper into the minds of the end users and arrive at the most meaningful app features and interfaces. At the end of this stage, we'll present you with initial app design drafts, wireframes, and accurate project requirements — all mapped in the project documentation.

Design And Development

Next, we polish your application designs and jump straight into development. Our App developers pick the optimal set of technologies to make your solution high-performing, secure, and dynamic. Final deliverables are rigorously checked by our testing engineers. The timeline of this stage depends on your project’s complexity and scope.

App Release

When your product is up and running, we deploy it into the environment and prepare the application for release. Our team also assists you in submitting the application to Google Play in line with Google’s submission as well as Apple and App Store guidelines. When your application is live, we also provide ongoing support.

Product Growth

To ensure the long-term success of your application, we offer post-production support and app maintenance. Our support team keeps an eye on your product and continually enhances it with new features, security patches, and other boosters to accelerate your business growth.

Diverse Industries

Every business seeks a digital solution that provides a multiplatform view & massive ROI cost-effectively. But when it comes to mobile app development, there are not any one-size-fits-all approaches that should be followed. One can either develop a native app, a web-based mobile app or perform cross-platform app development. Out of these options, hybrid mobile apps development is the most preferred one. That is because hybrid mobile app development is associated with various benefits, and Sitesurface holds masters in each.

Smooth Integration
Our hybrid app developers remain aligned with the latest trends & technologies and consistently deliver an outstanding blend of technicality & excellence. This seamless integration powers apps to work flawlessly with various devices like iPhone, Android, Desktop, Laptop & others to provide a great user experience.

Maximum Code-Reusability
Hybrid app development frameworks come with various benefits where single code can be reused for multiple platforms. Our developers perform cross-platform app development processes using a single code base with maximum code reuse between supported platforms & create an incredible experience.

Platform-specific Features
To provide maximum features and an intuitive user experience, Sitesurface efficiently performs Cross-platform app development. The developed apps leverage touch, gesture and native look and feel that takes advantage of platform-specific features.

Easy Maintenance
Due to the maximum number of benefits, hybrid app development is easy maintainable as well. As cross-platform, apps are easy to maintain & deploy changes when an application is running across the platforms; Sitesurface is the only place to ensure that apps perform brilliantly daily.

We have almost touched every segment of the industry, be it HealthCare, Social Media, Event Management, Dating, E-commerce, Food, and Banking & Finance. Right being excellent in android’s & iOS tech-stack, diversified screen sizes of both devices, we provide flawless Android & iOS Apps that are highly user engaged and generate significant ROI.



Social Networking

Banking & Finance



Food & Restaurant

Events & Tickets


Custom App

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the apps we develop support features of iOS and Android devices. You can avail of the latest and complex hardware features of iOS and Android devices from our Hybrid app development services.
Yes, you can have both versions but it would be dependable on your target audience of your specific industry.
We are the leading hybrid mobile app development company with the team to talented hybrid mobile app developers whose goal lies in serving you for the long-term by establishing a positive business relationship. We assure you of the best and most reliable hybrid app support and maintenance services.
Yes, Hybrid apps are very budget-friendly, they save about 30% of the cost compared to native apps. And also, developing hybrid apps can reduce the extra baggage of developing two application for android and iOS platform. As cross-platform app development the cost also depends upon features, number of platforms, team of app developers, designers and other resources. Being a Hybrid Application Development company we are open to discuss the cost.
Yes, our hybrid app developers can port an app from an outdated hybrid app code developed in old technologies. They can upgrade it to the latest ones like React Native, Flutter, Xamarin, and more.

If we collaborate on end-to-end development terms, our team will cover post-release modifications and enhancements. In other cases, you can contact us to get post-release support as a separate option.

On top of our Hybrid development services, we also take over post-release and maintenance activities for applications delivered by our team. We also offer extended maintenance periods to provide long-term support for a released product.