ChakkiON has a long decade of experience in grinding wheat and spices

Chakki ON! Customer App

We added multiple features and functionalities which solve business requirements. We helped ChakkiON solve all the problems faced by the users. While designing the platform, the critical component of our approach for ChakkiON was applying our thorough UX research process by understanding consumer behaviour, and developing the platform based on our business sense. We built a complete platform for ChakkiON, supported by an app with an optimised UX, design flow, and brand value.

Chakki ON! Seller App

Our intent was to bring together structure, visual balance, and content into one cohesive arrangement. We needed to amplify ChakkiOn visually and strategically.

The integration panel shows all the available integrations that save time. Sellers can directly add their products and other required information to their existing. Sellers can manage Products, Orders, and many more things.

Features Of Chakki ON Application

ChakkiOn - Customer

Seamless user experience.

ChakkiOn - Seller

Sellers can manage Products, Orders and many more things.

ChakkiOn - Delivery

ChakkiON lets you filter orders from a list of orders on the app which is assigned by the admin.


ChakkiON started this new online venture (ChakkiON) to serve our customers with a wide range of wheats/attas, spices and pulses with utmost high quality and no adulteration. Number of chakki owners are also connected to serve their customers while sitting in their home and at their convenient time without visiting their shop physically. We also make sure the products are delivered with high quality and hygiene.

Our Work

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